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I Love My Wife Vagina T-shirt – My uncles, several living and the rest deceased, have all been victims of the mass incarceration system: petty crimes, drug possession, and probation violations kept them behind metal bars as their children graduated, became parents, or were shot and killed. My hopefulness, when thinking of you, returns to your past role. I need to believe you can help to change this unethical and biased justice system.

Kamala, three syllables can sound like a song when pronounced correctly – (“Just think like ‘comma’ and add a ‘lah’,” you have said). I learned it means lotus in Sanskrit. This is how I imagine the rebirth of our country, as we still march and protest for the victims of police brutality.

This community unrest has yielded little after countless displays of state-sanctioned violence. What I cannot see, I imagine instead. The images of communities, restored after recidivism. Snapshots of community gardens where racist statues once reigned. Can you see it too?

Kamala, I know how hard it is to see yourself correctly when the world is so committed to erasing you. I want to believe that while this job is difficult, you will see clearly the ways in which Black and Brown and other marginalised people’s rights need to be centred.

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Gaga 9 to 5 shirt . Adam Schiff of Los Angeles has been omnipresent on media as chair of the House Intelligence Committee during impeachment proceedings. At age 60 he could certainly wait for Feinstein to vacate her Senate seat before running on his own.

Eleni Kounalakis is a relative newcomer to statewide politics, getting elected as the state’s first female lieutenant governor in 2018 in her first run for office. Kounalakis, 54, is no stranger to Democratic Party politics, however, having served as President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Hungary from 2010-13.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra replaced Harris as the state’s top law enforcement official when she was elected to the U.S. Senate. Becerra has raised his profile by challenging the Trump administration’s policies in court. Becerra, 62, was elected to Congress in 1992, representing Los Angeles for 24 years. But when asked about returning to Washington, he said he prefers to live in Sacramento.

While Newsom eyes these potential picks for political ascension, he has also long eyed higher office. He is widely believed to have seen himself running for president one day, though that option seemingly foreclosed at the moment by the ascension of Harris.

But the former San Francisco mayor has remained quite popular with voters, receiving a 57% approval rating in an October survey from the Public Policy Institute of California. Gaga now scott studenberg Gaga 9 to 5 shirt . He could decide to run for the U.S. Senate when Feinstein leaves.

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Dragon Is This Jolly Enough Christmas – He added that while natural gas is important to the regional economy, it’s not the only game in town. Now that Harris is vice president-elect, filling her Senate seat is not a matter of if, but who and when. And what are the qualities Newsom should consider as he makes his most important political decision yet as governor? Newsom’s considerations include diversity, geography, electability and political compatibility.

Asked on Election Day about the possibility of choosing a successor, Newsom insisted he was not looking forward to it.

“I mean, honestly, I’m not even exaggerating. There’s a hundred chores that I’d prefer. I’m not kidding,” Newsom joked.

“This is not something that I wish even on my worst enemy, because you create enemies in this process you know, not just friends. And it’s a vexing decision. It’s a challenging one,” Newsom said.

Harris, who was elected to her first Senate term in 2016, would be up for reelection in 2022. Whoever replaces her will get a couple of years in the Senate before running (Newsom has ruled out a special election to fill out the term).

“Is natural gas important to Western Pennsylvania? Certainly it is,” Fitzgerald said. “But it’s not everything we have.”

The Democratic presidential nominee has spent months touting a $2 trillion plan to boost investment in clean energy and stop all climate-damaging emissions from the U.S. economy by 2050. The plan implied that he would wean the U.S. off oil and gas, Dragon Is This Jolly Enough Christmas T-Shirt but Biden wasn’t so explicit about the industry’s fate — until Thursday night.

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Funny Pontoon Captain – Just Like A Regular Captain Only More Drunker , Wind-energy costs hit all-time lows as of 2019, averaging less than 2 cents per kilowatt-hour for newly built projects, making it increasingly competitive with other generation sources, according to a report by the Energy Department’s Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. “Land-based utility-scale wind is one of the lowest-priced energy sources available today,” the department says.

Wind and solar have become much cheaper as their industries grow and technology improves.

It’s why solar and wind are expanding, along with cheap natural gas, while coal plants and nuclear plants are closing. This, despite regulatory rollbacks by the Trump administration to benefit the oil, gas and coal industries and undo Obama-era efforts against climate change and air pollution.

Trump’s opinion about wind power being unreliable isn’t shared by many big energy users. By next year, renewables such as wind and solar will be providing more of Americans’ electricity than nuclear- and coal-fired power plants do, says the government’s Energy Information Administration.

And it says that by 2045, renewables will surpass even natural gas in powering U.S. electricity plants.

TRUMP: “The fumes coming up to make these massive windmills is more than anything that we’re talking about with natural gas.”

THE FACTS: That’s false. (Also, they’re called wind turbines. Windmills mill grain.)

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At the height of the family separations in 2018, Border Patrol facilities were cramped well beyond capacity with migrants who were kept in squalid conditions, Merry Antichristmas Satan Bless Us Everyone Hugleikur Dagsson according to watchdog reports and the lawyers responsible for a federal settlement that governs how children are cared for in immigration custody. Long-term facilities for adults and children were at capacity, meaning the administration held people in the small border stations for much longer than the 72 hours normally allowed by law.

The stations are hardly meant for long-term care. Children were not provided hot meals and families slept on the floor on top of Mylar blankets. Flu and sickness ran rampant, and hundreds of small children were kept together without adequate care.

On a night that Harris credited to the women before her — “I stand on their shoulders,” she said of those who fought for voting rights at the beginning of the 20th century, and of the “new generation” that had exercised those rights last week — she also channeled their symbolism.

The color white has long been associated with the women’s suffrage movement, adopted as a symbol of moral purity alongside green for hope and purple for dignity. It also signaled their ethos of nonviolence, an olive branch to those threatened by their then-radical calls for political equality.

In the Biden-Harris world, the pandemic is an overarching issue that is crippling middle class pocketbooks, health care access is threatened by an incompetent president, and the nation is on a knife edge between a return to normalcy and a march to authoritarianism.

Merry Antichristmas Satan Bless Us Everyone Hugleikur Dagsson T-Shirt Hoodie Sweatshirt

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Drink your coffee the patriarchy isn’t going to smash itself, They did so again at successive State of the Union addresses, most recently in February this year, as lawmakers marked a century since the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote (though women of color would face voting barriers for decades longer).

The sight of Nancy Pelosi in all-white clapping sarcastically behind the President a year earlier, while a great block of white-clad congresswomen sat before him, will also live long in the memory. Harris was standing on all their shoulders, too.

Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris held rallies 30 miles apart here on Wednesday, six days before Election Day, in this battleground state poised to shape the outcome of the race.

But voters could be forgiven for thinking the candidates were running in two different universes.

In Trump’s world, the coronavirus crisis is exaggerated and the biggest danger to the country is a threat of socialism or communism, while top-of-mind issues include alleged corruption by Joe Biden’s son Hunter and a “deep state” of government officials plotting against the president.

Drink your coffee the patriarchy isn’t going to smash itself t shirt , As soon as Kamala Harris took to the stage in Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday night, social media was abuzz with talk of her outfit. It was a telling sign, for better or worse, of the public scrutiny her fashion will face in the coming years.

Drink your coffee the patriarchy isn’t going to smash itself

Drink your coffee the patriarchy isn’t going to smash itself , Harris’ pussy-bow blouse, too, carried historical weight. It evoked the power-dressing of Margaret Thatcher, who wore hers the way male colleagues wore ties, a fitting metaphor for how the UK’s former prime minister co-opted and remade the boys’ club rules of 1980s British politics.

More recently, Melania Trump’s choice of the classic garment at very particular moments — namely an anti-cyberbullying summit and a presidential debate shortly after the “Access Hollywood” tape came to light — were, some speculated (wishfully, perhaps), subtle barbs aimed at her husband’s infamous brag.

The Vice President-elect was clearly looking beyond the Trump era to something more universal. But her outfit, reportedly created by American fashion designer Wes Gordon for Carolina Herrera, spoke of recent history in other ways, too.
Fashion’s potential to influence politics and culture.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris delivers an address to the nation from Wilmington, Del., on Saturday. Harris will not only be the first Black, and first female, vice president. She’s also the first Indian American and the first Asian American elected to the office.

Drink your coffee the patriarchy isn’t going to smash itself face mask – Oakland County Republican Party Chairman Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski said that the vice president’s visit was an “appetizer” predicting and hoping that “the president will be here soon.”

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Ice Cube JB 3D cloth face mask, “Look at the states that are having such a spike in the coronavirus. They’re the red states. They’re the states in the Midwest or the states in the Upper Midwest. That’s where the spike is occurring significantly.”

THE FACTS: Neither of them is right. Coronavirus is a public health problem that affects people no matter where they live or what their politics are.

Some Republican-led states that were quick to reopen saw a surge of virus cases in the summer and are still struggling to get their transmission rates down. Florida’s test positivity rate is about 12% currently, a level indicating widespread transmission. South Dakota is approaching 35%.

Democratic-led states such as New York that were hit hard in the initial wave closed down and got their virus transmission rates down to very low levels. But they’re now seeing rebounds in certain communities, prompting them to target renewed restrictions.

Nevada and Pennsylvania are two states with Democratic governors and high transmission rates at 20% and 10% respectively by week’s end, based on a 14-day trend.

Ice Cube JB face mask TRUMP on the toll of COVID-19 in the U.S.: “So as you know 2.2 million people, modeled out, were expected to die.”

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Love For The Of Hockey Shirt, Some Indian-Americans are calling Harris’ election an early Diwali present. The Indian festival of lights begins this weekend.

Along with Harris’ victory, all four other Indian-American Democrats in Congress were re-elected this past week. (Though another Indian-American lost his bid for a House seat in Texas.) Together with Harris, who served in the U.S. Senate, they have been dubbed by some Indian media as the “Samosa Caucus” — after the popular Indian snack.

In 2016, the majority of Oakland County voters, 51.3%, chose Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over then Republican nominee Donald Trump, who received 43.2% of the vote. Statewide, Michiganders narrowly favored Trump over Clinton by 10,700 votes, the closest presidential race in the state’s history.

Over the past four years, Oakland County has been turning more and more blue. In 2018, the county board of commissioners became a Democratic majority for the first time in over 40 years with five of the county’s top six elected offices now held by Democrats, including County Executive David Coulter.

Love For The Of Hockey – Michigan remains one of the most critical states for both Biden and Trump with recent polls showing Biden up 7-10 percentage points over Trump in the Great Lakes state.

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Kamala harris i’m speaking shirt I know Michigan is going to ‘yes’ to four more years of President Donald Trump in 2020.”

Vice President Mike Pence visited Michigan for the second time in a week on Thursday with a campaign stop in Waterford Township, hosting a rally with about 200-300 supporters at the Oakland County International Airport. Since Oct. 13, the Trump campaign has sent President Trump, Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Ivanka Trump, and the vice president to the Great Lakes state to campaign.

Trump supporters marched through mud and stood outside in the rain to hear the vice president deliver a message that was focused on how President Trump would continue to support Michiganders if re-elected to a second term on Nov. 3.

“It’s great to be back in the wolverine state,” said Pence. “We are just 12 days away from a great victory all across Michigan and all across America. We are here for one reason and one reason only. It’s that Michigan and America need four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House. The road to victory runs right through Michigan.”

Pence touched on a variety of issues including: the economy, including the raising of blue-collar workers’ wages; climate change and energy; automotive industry investments; increasing access to quality health care for veterans; rebuilding the military; fair and equal international trade; the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, COVID-19; and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s record on China vs. Trump’s.

Kamala harris i’m speaking biden harris 2020 art t shirt