Comma La Kamala Harris Biden Harris 2020 T-Shirt

Comma La Kamala Harris Biden Harris “Every single one of these days leading up to Tuesday, Nov. 3, is going to determine the outcome of this election,” she said with horns honking in the background. “You, in Michigan, are going to determine who will the next president and vice president of The United States. You all are going to make the difference. It’s so good to be back.”

After Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris paid tribute to her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, an Indian immigrant, in her victory speech Saturday night, Twitter erupted in celebration of Indian moms.

One Twitter user posted a video of his own mother, dancing to Indian music.

“Thinking about Shyamala and all the Indian moms out there feeling the emotions my mom is feeling right now; to vote for, and elect, someone who was raised around the same food, the same discipline, the same culture,” read the tweet from Vibhor Mathur.

Comma La Kamala Harris Biden Harris 2020 T-Shirt

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