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I Love My Wife Vagina T-shirt – My uncles, several living and the rest deceased, have all been victims of the mass incarceration system: petty crimes, drug possession, and probation violations kept them behind metal bars as their children graduated, became parents, or were shot and killed. My hopefulness, when thinking of you, returns to your past role. I need to believe you can help to change this unethical and biased justice system.

Kamala, three syllables can sound like a song when pronounced correctly – (“Just think like ‘comma’ and add a ‘lah’,” you have said). I learned it means lotus in Sanskrit. This is how I imagine the rebirth of our country, as we still march and protest for the victims of police brutality.

This community unrest has yielded little after countless displays of state-sanctioned violence. What I cannot see, I imagine instead. The images of communities, restored after recidivism. Snapshots of community gardens where racist statues once reigned. Can you see it too?

Kamala, I know how hard it is to see yourself correctly when the world is so committed to erasing you. I want to believe that while this job is difficult, you will see clearly the ways in which Black and Brown and other marginalised people’s rights need to be centred.

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